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Officer(s) involved: Police Officer Lorne Alston and K9 Robbie.

Synopsis: Checking vehicle registrations while patrolling the Holcomb Bridge Road and Dogwood Road area, Officer Alston saw a Mitsubishi Galant that police said was stolen. Officer Alston attempted a traffic stop as the vehicle turned into a nearby apartment complex. Four people were inside the car, and two ran away. One of the teens returned, complied with the officer's instructions, and sat on a curb. K9 Robbie then attacked the teen without receiving any commands.

K9 Robbie ignored approximately 20 commands by his handler to release the teen. The dog's leash breaks immediately after Officer Alston gets K9 Robbie to release the teen. K9 Robbie attacks the teen again. After Officer Alston manages to get the K9 away from the teen, the dog nearly bites Officer Alston. Video of the incident can be found online. No charges were filed against the teen.

Neither Office Alston nor K9 Robbie were removed from service. An internal investigation determined "no training issues observed," and the K9 "responded as he should." Police Chief Rusty Grant insists that K9 Robbie received extra training soon after this incident, though not because of this incident. A professor, who received his PhD studying police dog training, reviewed the video and concluded that the dog, and possibly the handler, should have been pulled from duty and gone through remedial training.

Outcome: K9 Robbie works with a new handler, and there is some indication Officer Alston is no longer with Roswell Police and may have taken a position in the Department of Homeland Security.